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'It Is Horrifying': CBN's Operation Blessing Brings Aid to Ukrainian Refugees Arriving in Poland


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Refugees arriving in Poland are exhausted, traumatized, and fearful for the future.

CBN's Operation Blessing (OB) is there to meet them by offering comfort and much-needed supplies.

Thanks to the support of donors, OB is on the ground as team members listen to refugees tell their stories of escaping the war in Ukraine.

"Yesterday we rode in an overcrowded train where there were numerous mothers with infants," explained one refugee mother. "The lights were not lit so the train would not suffer from a bomb attack. Nevertheless, we stopped several times because bombs were dropped nearby. This is horrifying when you stay in your house and a jet flies over your building. It is terrifying to live like that and believe me, nobody wanted to leave their home."

She continued, "Families are torn because our husbands stayed home to protect our country. We were forced to save our children so that they don't die under the shelling from the Russian planes. I would truly love to somehow, magically, make Russian troops get out of our land, and for us to return and rebuild our wonderful Ukraine. We love it and want to live in our country." 

***PLEASE Give to OPERATION BLESSING Relief Efforts in Poland and Ukraine***

After these mothers arrived safely in Poland, they were greeted by a team from OB. The women shared how the violence forced them to flee with their children. 

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Another mother said, "The trip was very hard, by train, with children. It was so hard to leave our country to save my children. I have fear because I am alone with children in a foreign country. I want to return home and want everything to be like before."

But OB is on the border with a warm tent and a food truck, ready to provide hot meals to these precious families. 

Team members take the time to offer encouragement while directing refugees to the next phase of their journey. OB is also providing life-sustaining supplies and a sense of safety to as many families as possible. 

The mission of OB is to demonstrate God's love by alleviating human need and suffering in the U.S. and around the world.

***PLEASE Give to OPERATION BLESSING Relief Efforts in Poland and Ukraine***

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