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'God Has a Plan for Every Single Person': Limbless Evangelist Explains How New Roe v Wade Film Fights Abortion Lies


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At one time, Nick Vujicic thought his own life had no value and considered doing away with himself. Vujicic was born with no arms or legs, and life seemed overwhelmingly useless. But his faith in Jesus Christ and the support of his family got him to a new place. 

Today he is married, has four children, and speaks as an evangelist all over the world, proclaiming the Gospel and the key truth he has learned: regardless of what doctors say, God has a plan for the unborn.

He's promoting a new pro-life "Roe v. Wade" movie with the same message of God's plan for every life, and it's set to hit screens today, on April 2nd.

Vujicic spoke with the Christian Post in February at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) premiere of the new movie, "Roe v Wade." The film is the factual story behind what many see as the most controversial and divisive Supreme Court ruling ever. In Roe v Wade, the Court struck down existing state laws and made abortion legal nationwide. Since then, more than 60-million unborn children have been killed by abortion in the U.S.

"Many people have asked me, especially over the last 18 months, 'What happened, what really happened in our country for it to be where it is?' And I really believe that it started with the family," Vujicic told CP. 

Vujicic also emphasized the importance of the church to make clear what the Scriptures say about human beings.

"We must hold on to what God has given us, the basics of what He's given us in Scripture — that all of life has value, that all of life God can use for His purpose. And that even though we don't get a miracle, we can still be one."

Nick was born in 1982, and the fact that he had no arms or legs came as a complete surprise. No sonograms had indicated there was a problem.  

As a youngster, he was often depressed and lonely and saw no purpose for his life. But God showed him otherwise. Today, through his ministry Life Without Limbs, Nick has led a million people to faith in Jesus Christ. He says it all comes from acknowledging — no matter the circumstances — that God is the great lover of men and women and children, and that He always has a plan.

"You got to trust in God. And that's the pinnacle and epiphany of faith — to understand that only God can do that," Vujicic continued. "Only God can use the man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet and call him to stand in front of the gates of Hell and redirect traffic." 

"When we stand in front of the gates of Hell and redirect traffic, that's when we understand that what is for man impossible — it is possible with God!" 

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The movie "Roe v Wade" features top actors like Corbin Bernsen, Stacey Dash, Jon Voight, and John Schneider. The movie has had its own obstacles to overcome in getting to its premiere, according to CP, including Facebook banning their ads and losing cast members who opposed the film's mission.  The mission, simply put, is to tell the facts behind the infamous Court case which, movie director Nick Loeb told Fox News host Tucker Carlson, include "the untold story of how people lied, how the media lied, and how the courts were manipulated" to legalize abortion nationwide.

Loeb wrote, produced, co-directs, and plays the key role of abortion doctor Bernard Nathanson in the film. He earlier told CBN News, "I was surprised that no one really had made a movie about the most famous court case in American history."

As the film shows, Dr. Nathanson, along with pro-abortion allies, manipulated information and lied through polls to help make the country believe abortion was more popular with Americans than it really was.

That may have helped the Supreme Court justices turn from an early almost-tie vote to an ultimate 7-to-2 ruling to legalize abortion nationwide.

Nathanson, as shown in the movie, eventually has a change of heart, complete with grief and guilt over aborting his own child and some 70,000 others. 

Vujicic told KBTV the truth about Roe v Wade is a story that needs to be told, and he plans to do his part. "We really believe God called us to the platform and battlefield to righteously, humbly, but boldly and unapologetically, talk about the value of life.  To understand that God has a plan for every single person."

After its world premiere at CPAC in Orlando last month, "Roe v. Wade" launches on many platforms on April 2nd.  But producers are happy to arrange special showings for groups like churches or parachurch organizations. For more information, go to the movie's website.

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