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'Every Human Being Has The Same Access To God': Justin Bieber Warns Against Celebrity Pastor Worship


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In a wide-ranging interview in the May issue of GQ, Justin Bieber chronicles his struggles with fame and the fight for normalcy in his life. He credits his wife, Hailey, and his relationship with God for giving deeper meaning to his life that fame and fortune alone couldn't give him. 

Bieber, 27, has been outspoken about his Christian faith.  

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"He is grace," he says. "Every time we mess up, He's picking us back up every single time. That's how I view it. And so it's like, 'I made a mistake. I won't dwell in it. I don't sit in shame. But it actually makes me want to do better,' " Bieber told interviewer Zach Baron. 

Baron writes that Bieber's friend, Chance the Rapper, explained without hesitation that God is the One who helps him and Bieber navigate a grinding industry.

"Both of us, our secret sauce is Jesus," Chance told the magazine. "Justin doesn't fake the funk. He goes to Jesus with his problems, he goes to Jesus with his successes. He calls me just to talk about Jesus."

Bieber used to attend Hillsong, a church that had to fire one of its lead pastors for "moral failures" last year. He cautions against celebrity worship and putting trust in one person, instead of working on your own relationship with God.

"I think so many pastors put themselves on this pedestal," he told GQ. "And it's basically, church can be surrounded around the man, the pastor, the guy, and it's like, 'This guy has this ultimate relationship with God that we all want but we can't get because we're not this guy.' That's not the reality, though. The reality is, every human being has the same access to God."

Now after years of struggle, and the recent release of a new album titled Justice, Bieber is cultivating his own relationship with God, and embracing the stability and happiness he's found in Him. 

As CBN's Faithwire recently reported, the singer also released a six-track EP on Easter Sunday. In the song “We’re In This Together," Bieber opens up about his own past, admitting to things he has done wrong and thanking God for the ways he has grown up over the years.

He went on to say that, “even in a pandemic, God is still plannin’ / Plannin’ peace, plannin’ joy, plan another day ‘ Gave His life upon the cross to wash our sins away.”

And Bieber ended the song by praying over anyone listening to it:

I pray for every single person listening to this song right now. I pray for peace. I pray for joy. I pray for confidence. I pray for reassurance. I thank You so much for the person listening to this right now. I pray that You would bless them.

Bless their mind, bless their finances. Bless their family, bless their sons, bless their daughters, bless their moms, bless their dads, bless their grandparents.

God, I just pray for an overwhelming sense of Your presence in their home right now, an overwhelming sense of Your peace that says, “Everything is going to be alright.”

In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In reporting about steps that high-profile individuals may be taking to seek God, CBN does not endorse past or current behavior that may not line up with the Word of God. As we report positive developments in celebrities' spiritual journeys, we encourage our readers to pray for anyone and everyone in the news, that the fruit of God would grow in all of our lives.

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