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Doc Tells Tyrese Gibson Nothing More They Can Do for His Mom: 'Jesus I Love You and I Trust Whatever You Decide'


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Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson is asking for prayer for his mother who is battling for her life against pneumonia and COVID-19. His mother Priscilla Murray is in a coma in the ICU.

On Thursday afternoon, he updated his Instagram page with the following note:

"Sorry I can't take every call or respond to every text message just please keep praying for mommy dearest I am overwhelmed by your outpouring of love…… Headed back to the hospital I just got another really bad phone call…. Jesus I love you and I trust whatever you decide to do in this moment…." the actor wrote. 

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Gibson has been posting requests for prayers for her all week, and yesterday he said he's holding on by his faith in Jesus Christ after the doctor told him they can't do anything else for his mom.

"The Doctor sat in this chair and just broke my heart by telling me there's pretty much nothing else that can be done to turn things around….. I paused, and in my most sincere voice I asked him…. You ever heard of a man name Jesus Christ? Nothing is impossible for him…… Ha paused and couldn't respond…!!"


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As CBN News reported, earlier this week, Gibson called for prayer warriors to intercede for his mother's recovery, saying:

"This has been going on all week. I haven't posted. I'm doing it this time cause I feel helpless this is my cry for help. I need prayers the most sincere prayers from you prayer warriors."

The actor was in the middle of filming a movie when he found out about his mother's condition. He had to return to the set to finish the movie, but now he's back with her in the hospital and thanking his friends and fans for the outpouring of prayers.

He recalled that he's had difficulties with his mother over the years yet none of that mattered - only her health.

"We've had our share of issues over the years, but as I sit here, I'm thanking God for every breath," he said. "I'm so grateful. She's right here ... so grateful for every breath. All of the sudden, every issue, every misunderstanding, the way my childhood was, how I was raised ... different issues that I find myself holding onto, God has a way of getting rid of everything that you're carrying. As I'm sitting here, my mom is in a coma. All I want is for her to continue to inhale and exhale. That's all I want." 

Gibson encouraged his followers to forgive others and not to hold a grudge for any wrongdoings brought against them.

"I can tell you as I sit here right outside of this door, there is not one piece of bitter resentment, hostility or anger or anything about my childhood that matters more than my mother getting up," the actor stated. "What I would ask with my traumas and my pain that I'm experiencing right now, I just ask that, please call that brother or sister, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather ... just forgive them. Forgive them. Nobody is perfect."

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