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Angel Studios Raises $5 Million in One Week to Enhance Its Family-Friendly Streaming App


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Angel Studios, a streaming platform behind the most successful faith-based crowdfunded shows of all time, met a $5 million goal in one week that aims to build up its streaming app.

According to Just the News, the company vowed to raise the money earlier this year and reached that mark on March 24.

The family-friendly, movie-making powerhouse has produced several hugely successful shows including The Chosen, Dry Bar Comedy, and The Wingfeather Saga

The Chosen, the first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus, was one of the company's first projects which earned hundreds of millions of views around the world.

What makes the studio unique is that it empowers audiences to decide what content gets produced and distributed, while creating communities around each project.

Creators submit project ideas on the Angel platform, and "Angel investors" fund the ones they're most interested in seeing. After it's produced, content is delivered directly to viewers and grows in popularity as fans share it with others.

CBN's Faithwire previously reported that the company raised $47 million last year to help individuals and families take a larger role in creating the faith and family content they want to see. 

"People get to participate in culture. They get to have an impact on culture and it's not just a bunch of Hollywood executives that make these decisions. It is the smartest executives of all time — it's the audience," said Neal Harmon, co-founder of Angel Studios.

Harmon also co-founded VidAngel with his brother Jeffery, a filtering service that helps families cut out negative language, sex, and violence from movies and shows.

Despite their achievements, the Harmon brothers also faced a lengthy lawsuit with Disney and Warner Brothers over copyright issues.

The matter nearly took the family business down, however, a settlement was reached in 2020 and the path was set for Angel Studios to shatter expectations and break boundaries.

The brothers recently told CBN's Studio 5 that they plan to work on 300 shows or movies over the next five years.

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