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Reports of Iran Fueling Russian War Effort with Drones Causes Western Tolerance for Tehran Regime to Plunge


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JERUSALEM, Israel – Iran is now reportedly supplying Russia with thousands of drones for its war against Ukraine, and the White House says Iranian troops are on the ground, assisting Russian troops. The latest alarming development has significant implications, both for the West and for Israel.

Drone strikes from one of the many Russian attacks against Ukraine have been devastating. 

“What that means, obviously, again, we continue to see Iran be complicit in terms of exporting terror, not only in the Middle East region, but now also to Ukraine,” said Pentagon Spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder.

Seth Frantzman, author of the book, Drone Wars, explains the drones are not particularly large, perhaps the size of one or two people. “So, they’re not huge and they carry a warhead, and the warhead can basically be used to slam into something,” Frantzman said. “Now in the case of the Russians, they’re using this to basically terrorize civilians by attacking apartment complexes and going after the power grid stuff.”

Frantzman warns Iran has become an expert in drone technology and he believes Israel will likely face these kinds of Iranian-made drones. 

“So, I think clearly in any future war, we'll see that drones will be flying at Israel and attacking Israel – from Iran, Iraq, maybe even from Yemen, and, also of course from Syria and Lebanon. So, this is a way for Iran to extend the frontline against Israel to a 4,000-mile frontline. And that makes it more complicated to stop them and predict them and detect them,” Frantzman cautioned.

But for Europe, the future is now. Former State Department Advisor Gabriel Noronha believes the Europeans will need to awaken to the idea that they’re part of the regional theater threatened by Iran’s regime.

These are Iranian rockets which are coming to Russia and being launched on European soil.  They’re being used to kill European citizens and European infrastructure and it’s well past time for the Europeans to start doing something,” Noronha said. 

Both Noronha and Frantzman say the way the government of Iran is cracking down on the protests in its streets over the death of a young woman who wore her hijab the wrong way, along with the unholy alliance between Iran and Russia, are wake-up calls to the West.

“They’re starting to realize that Iran doesn’t share their interest and that Iran doesn’t want cooperation with the West.  So, there’s this coming realization of just how dangerous Iran has been,” Noronha explained.

Frantzman agrees the approach is changing because of the realization that the Tehran regime may not be one that the West can live with. “And the fact the Iranians are working with Russians and, and now the Iranians are terrorizing Ukrainian civilians with the drones,” he said. “I think, really, everyone is saying, ‘No, no, no.  This regime is just awful, and we cannot ignore how bad it is anymore.’ And I think that that's a big shift.” 

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