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Hebron's Mayor Infuriates Animal Lovers with Bounty for Killing Stray Dogs


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JERUSALEM, Israel – The mayor of the West Bank city of Hebron set off a worldwide furor Friday when he posted a bounty for the capture or killing of the town's stray dogs. He offered more than $5 per animal, and some residents responded, hauling dead dogs by the truckload to collect the reward.

Ynet News reported MayorTayseer Abu Sneineh was looking for a way to reduce the stray dog population. Wild dogs are common in the area, and last year a pack attacked a 10 year-old girl in the Jewish communitiy of Kiryat Arba.

Some locals heeded the mayor's call on a radio broadcast and scenes began to pop up on social media of Palestinians, some of them children, beating the dogs to death. The killings outraged Hebron residents and others in the surrounding area.

Journalist Khaled Abu Toameh tweeted about the action and included a photo.

Israel imprisoned Abu Sneineh in 1980 for his part in a terrorist attack that killed 6 Israelis and wounded more than 20 others. He was later released in a prisoner exchange.

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