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Is God Shaking the Nations? An Interview with Generals International's Cindy Jacobs


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With Russian President Putin threatening nuclear war with Ukraine, a potential war between China and Taiwan, an unprecedented energy crisis in Europe and many other economic and political crises around the world, some are wondering are whether we are on the verge of World War III.  The question many are pondering is what in the world is going on?  We asked that question here in Jerusalem to Cindy Jacobs, the co-founder of Generals International.  Generals International is “a prayer-based ministry founded by Mike and Cindy Jacobs in 1985 that exists for the purpose of changing lives and transforming nations.” 

Jacobs brings a unique Biblical and global perspective to this question.  She regularly meets with political and Christian leaders around the world from South America to Asia.  She recently came to Jerusalem to attend the Convocation of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations.   

In the midst of the financial, political and social crises facing the world, she also explains what believers can do to prepare in these perilous times both practically and spiritually and how to pray for the leaders in this world and our own families.  And despite these daunting global and personal challenges, she believes God will watch over His children and provide “Goshens” the same kind of refuge the God of Israel provided the Israelites when He judged the nation of Egypt. 

Jacobs also reports that despite the gloomy news around the world, there are areas where spiritual revival is exploding, places like Europe and Iran where there are huge moves of the Holy Spirit.  It’s a sign of hope during a time of great distress and peril and a reminder that when all these things happen to do what Jesus said and “look up for your redemption draws near.”  

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