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'When You Remove God... There's Chaos': How to Help Your Kids Navigate Unprecedented Challenges


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Years ago, the biggest concerns of life for children used to be limited to homework, making friends, and bath time.  Times have certainly changed with a rise in issues ranging from online dangers to trans sexuality.  As problems appear more spiritual in nature, experts are urging parents engage with their children and steer them in the right direction.

"Anxiety, depression, panic disorders has gone up among kids I've seen in my practice and throughout, and I know right now many counselors have long waiting lists already and the school year has just started," Dr. Danny Huerta of Focus on the Family told CBN's The PrayerLink. 

Dr. Huerta said many young people must face these unprecedented challenges without a key spiritual component.

"When you remove God there's confusion," he said. "There's chaos. And right now, it really saddens me to watch counselors and others push kids towards deciding psychologically their gender."

Dr. Huerta went on to say that it is vital that parents stay informed about these issues and talk openly with their children. He warns that if they don't, others with different values will. 

"You want to step in listen to your kid," explained Dr. Huerta. "What are they hearing? What are they seeing? What are their worldviews on it? And then stepping into that from a biblical truth starting with the beginning of male, female. What is the difference from male, female? How did we start with that in scripture? And then from there just having open conversations, dialogue."

Dr. Kathy Koch, founder and president of Celebrate Kids, told CBN's Faithwire that families should also engage the power of God for their children.

"We have compassion and if they're not yet saved - you know if you're a Christian family, but the child is not yet saved - again you know - they don't have a love for God that will compel them to righteousness. That's one of the things we gotta pray over our kids - greater love for God," Koch said.

Prayer is also needed when it comes to the impact of technology.

According to a study by Common Sense Media, nearly 62% of teens spend more than four hours a day on digital screens. 

And 56% of teens associate the absence of their phone with at least three emotions: loneliness, being upset, or feeling anxious. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Huerta is encouraging parents to take the role of protector seriously as their children navigate through all that is happening around them.

"There's a lot of protections you can find," he said. "Make sure you're putting those on the computers and devices, have conversations about the limits and necessity to have limits on those including bedtime, the car, meal times, and then modeling it as a parent," Dr. Huerta said.

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