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'The World…Is So Crazy': Legendary Comedian Warns About True Perils of Cancel Culture, Censorship


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Legendary Christian comedian Chonda Pierce knows the world is in a precarious place right now — but that’s not stopping her from churning out laughs.

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Pierce, whose new comedy film “Roll With It” hits theaters May 9, 11, and 13, said the current cancel-culture dynamic has permeated the comedy world.

“It’s a great cultural lesson of what’s going on in the world,” she told CBN’s Faithwire. “Now that they’re trying to censor and cancel comics, I’m like, ‘Really? You’re shooting yourself in the foot, because in 25 years, there’ll be no reality of what was really going on in 2023, because they’re trying to censor.'”

Pierce continued, “First of all, there’s free speech, and second of all, you’re missing some great laughs. The world today is so crazy.”

The famous comedian said she knows not everything is funny to everyone, but that the “art of comedy” is a “sweet gift” from the Lord.

“God created every one of our emotions and allows us to use every one of them — even our anger,” Pierce said. “He says, ‘Be angry but sin not’ … everything that we do, all the arts, was used at the beginning for worship.”

But Pierce — like many Americans — knows entertainment and other venues have been tainted by the enemy, adding, “Satan took everything to make it ugly.”

The comedian also quipped over the fact she’s yet to be canceled.

“Can you believe I haven’t been canceled?” Pierce said. “I would love to get canceled. I think it would be so cool, and great publicity!”

On a more serious note, she spoke about the importance of supporting faith-based movies, noting it sends a message to Hollywood to make more inspirational films.

Audiences can do just that with the release of “Roll With It.”

Pierce plays Bonnie Taylor, a woman who is demoted from her job and faces losing her home in an auction, unless she can come up with $20,000 in back taxes. In true Pierce form, Bonnie is a riot as she navigates a karaoke contest in hopes of nabbing the grand prize winnings and saving her house.

The comedian said she’s hoping people have a blast watching the film.

“I hope they just have a fun night,” Pierce said, adding she’s also hoping the movie touches hearts.

Find out more about the movie here.

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