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Disney Star Gets Baptized at Bethel After Publicly Declaring His Faith in Jesus Christ


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Joshua Bassett, one of the stars of Disney's High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, was baptized at Bethel Church located in Redding, California on Sunday. 

The singer also shared a video clip on Twitter and Instagram as he gave his confession of faith in Jesus Christ. 

"Hi, my name is Joshua," he said as the video showed him standing on the stage at the church. "And long story short, I grew up Christian, and I ran the other way as far as I could go in pursuit of 'truth,' and that only ended in addiction, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, etc."

"And no other teacher gave me anywhere near the peace that Jesus Christ did. And I'm here to publicly declare him as my Lord and Savior," Bassett added as the audience broke into cheers and applause. 

The short 28-second video has garnered more than 406,000 likes on Instagram alone since it was posted three days ago. 

Another 8-second video posted to Twitter showed Bassett's baptism. 

As CBN News reported earlier this month, Bassett, 22, tweeted about his newfound faith in Jesus on Jan. 5, writing in a tweet: "Jesus Christ is the only way. His death and resurrection are historically documented. turn away from hate, seek forgiveness and come home to Him."

He has since tweeted other faith-filled messages to his followers. 

On Feb. 13, the singer tweeted: "the gospel is GOOD NEWS for all willing to love and obey Him who keeps your heart beating."

Bassett has also previously opened up about battling depression, stress, and panic attacks. In a tweet in late December, he reminded his fans to "reach out to support those you love."

"Most people I know, including myself, are struggling right now. please be good to yourselves and others, reach out to support those you love, and don't be afraid to ask for help," he wrote. 

In 2021, Bassett came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community during an interview with Clevver News, a YouTube-based outlet. It's unclear where he stands on that part of his journey.

The singer is in rehearsals for his tour titled "The COMPLICATED Tour" that's set to begin on March 7 in San Francisco.  The tour includes performances in 32 cities in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, and France and will conclude on May 9 with a stop in London. 

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