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Church of England Teaches Four-Year-Olds Cross Dressing and Same-Sex Attraction


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Four hundred three years ago, my Pilgrim ancestors fled England and set sail on a dangerous journey across the Atlantic to America. You see, they were persecuted by the British Crown, which required them to practice their Christian faith in the state church, the Church of England. 

Today, with government approval, the Church of England is imposing an extreme unbiblical agenda on the youngest members of British society.

According to Christian Concern, a Church of England Primary School in Essex, England, introduced four-year-olds to gender identity on World Book Day. The featured book was, My Shadow Is Pink. Here's an excerpt that was read during Annie's Storytime:

"My dad has a shadow that's blue as can be, and there's nothing but blue in my whole family tree. But mine is quite different. It's not what you think. The mine is not blue. My shadow is pink. My shadow loves ponies and books and pink toys. Princesses, fairies, and things. Not for boys. But there's one thing it likes most. I have found it loves wearing dresses and dancing around."

Parents told Christian Concern their children were directed to engage with the story and explore its themes. The children were asked to dress up to reflect how they see their shadows and how they see themselves. 

At least 25% of 11-year-olds in England struggle with reading, but instead they can tell you if their shadow is pink or blue.

This is the emasculation of males and LGBTQ grooming of primary school children, and the Church of England is advancing it. The Church of England wants to be culturally relevant, but guess what? That isn't working. No wonder the church is expected to fade into extinction within the next 40 years. 

Meanwhile, the Church of England chaplain fired from his job for preaching a biblical view of gender identity and same-sex relationships is back in the news.

Reverend Bernard Randall, formerly of Trent College, says he's appealing his case after an employment tribunal ruled against him. We featured his story two years ago when the college first suspended him and labeled him a terrorist. Chaplain Randall describes the ruling against him as "a blow to free speech and Christian freedoms."

Trent College and the Church of England fail to realize that their societal reshaping efforts oppress the faith that made their institutions and country great. They're replacing one religion with another, an extreme secular humanism where people can ignore science and Judeo-Christian values to become their own god. And anyone who stands for biblical truths must be destroyed. 

But let's not be discouraged. Remember that victory belongs to the Lord. Keep speaking up, praying, and standing for God's truth.

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Mr. Lane currently serves as International News Director & Senior International Correspondent for CBN News. He has traveled to more than 120 countries—many of them restricted nations, or areas hostile to Christianity and other minority faiths where he has interviewed persecution victims and has provided video reports and analysis for CBN News. Also, he has provided written stories and has served as a consultant for the Voice of the Martyrs. Gary joined The Christian Broadcasting Network in 1984 as the first fulltime Middle East Correspondent for CBN News. Based in Jerusalem, Gary produced