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Bible College Fires Professor Who Tweeted About Biblical Sexuality


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A professor at a Bible college in the U.K. has been fired for tweeting that homosexuality “is invading the church.”

Dr. Aaron Edwards was ousted from his position at Cliff College in Derbyshire, England, after he posted the tweet in question on Feb. 19. College administrators fired Edwards for “bringing the college into disrepute” with his tweet addressing homosexuality.

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The professor’s counsel at the Christian Legal Centre accused a senior staff member of saying his client’s words “could be extremely damaging” and “impact the college’s core work” and “business plan,” Fox News reported.

In addition to his dismissal, the college revealed that, during a disciplinary hearing March 8, administrators considered reporting Edwards to Prevent, an initiative monitoring allegations of terrorism in the U.K.

The theology professor said college officials’ reactions to his tweet illustrated his point.

“The reaction to my tweet and the unjust treatment I have experienced by Cliff College and the Methodist Church in Britain completely illustrates the problem my tweet addressed,” he said in a statement to Fox News.

He added, “The tweet was not defamatory; it was not an attack on any colleague or individual; it was not abusive; and it was not an extremist religious view. It was addressed to evangelicals as a point of doctrine, and it has been misunderstood by many who wish to cause personal and institutional trouble for those who express that view.”

Edwards said mainstream biblical views on sexuality are being “silenced and stamped out” of the Methodist church.

The self-described “canceled Christian lecturer” responded to several Twitter users who engaged with his post, telling one critic the perceived infusion of LGBT-identified leaders into Christendom is an “exceptionally recent phenomenon.”

“The threat to the Gospel (and church unity) is enormous,” he wrote.

CBN’s Faithwire has reached out to Edwards for additional comments.

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