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March 27 - Healthy Living - March 28, 2023
Sally Norton, author of Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload is Making You Sick and How to Get Better discusses how certain foods that are generally considered healthy, such as spinach and almonds, can cause health problems, like joint pain ...
March 20 - Healthy Living - March 21, 2023
Dr. Daniel Amen, Christian psychiatrist and author of Change Your Brain Every Day describes the simple daily practices that can strengthen our memory, improve our mood and deepen our relationships.
March 13 - Healthy Living - March 14, 2023
Registered dietitian and nutritionist May Feller discusses her new cookbook Eating From Our Roots which takes readers on a culinary trip around the globe with more than 80 healthy recipes embraced by diverse groups of people.

About Healthy Living

Medicine is constantly changing so CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson provides all the latest medical and wellness information. Healthy Living seeks to inspire you to live a healthier life! 

Lorie Johnson


Lorie Johnson reports on the latest information about medicine and wellness. She believes most of our health problems are the result of poor lifestyle choices. Therefore, her goal is to give the CBN audience information in order to inspire them to make better choices about how to live healthier lives. 

Some of her most popular reports include how coconut oil can help some Alzheimer's patients, which was the seen by over 5 million people and was the No. 1 most-viewed story on the CBN website in 2012.

Another was about how the Ketogenic diet can prevent and treat cancer. She's also sounded

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