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The Heart of the Matter

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The day when all the candy disappears from the shelves and the flowers are gone from the florist shops will soon be approaching. But for some of us, Valentine's Day is just another day. I know some single men and women in a class at my church who call it “Singles Awareness Day” if they are not in a relationship. Someone once told me: “You have to have a 'Valentine' for it to matter.”

The restaurants love this day. It's special to them. All the sweethearts are romancing that special someone, whether it is their girlfriend, or if they are married, their wife. More chocolate and roses are sold on this day than any other day.

I am single and not in a relationship at this present time in my life. I suppose I could buy some flowers for myself or some candy that I shouldn’t be eating. But I don’t.

However, I do celebrate it, just in a different way.

I am in love with Jesus; He is my Valentine. So this day I usually spend reflecting on how much He loves me. I will still give my children and grandchildren some token of my affection, cards or candy. The joy for me is letting my family know that I love them and telling them that Jesus loves them even more than I ever could. It is a good day to interject that nugget of truth about the love of God.  

Wherever you shop you’ll always see an abundance of hearts. The chocolate is wrapped in beautiful red or pink heart-shaped boxes. Well, 30 years ago I gave my “heart” to the “Rose of Sharon," a name given to Jesus. Every day is Valentine's day to me because He makes me feel loved and special, so that’s the heart of the matter as far it goes for me.

A close friend of mine cooked a special dinner last year for us both. The table was set for the occasion because she had just been separated for 3 months and it helped her to get through that time. Perhaps you can’t wait for this day to come and go because you are alone. My advice is to take a different look at how you can use this day to witness the love of God to someone else or invite some friends over for your own “Single Awareness Day” party.

Whatever your status is, be sure to let Jesus know that He is the love of your life no matter how you celebrate. Have a happy Valentine's Day.

 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (  NIV)

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. (  NIV)

Copyright © Cathy Irvin, used with permission.

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About The Author


Cathy Irvin authored well over 50 Devotions for CBN over three decades where she served the Lord Jesus Christ at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Cathy loved telling stories and glorifying God in all that she did. On December 16, 2011, Cathy left this earthly dwelling to take up residence in the dwelling prepared for her in Heaven. Her Devotions minister with love and truth.

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