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How do we address, deal with, and encounter hardship? How do we embrace the kingdom message involving redemption and restoration, but also help people feel safe to be honest? How do we remove the stigma surrounding broken areas--areas where people aren't healed--and address suffering?

Transformed takes as its central text and each chapter begins with a verse. The theme of the book is change. True change doesn't come about from a quick fix, which in charismatic circles is generally through the laying on of hands; it takes sacrifice, sweat, and suffering. This is the key to morality, integrity, and longevity in the Christian faith.

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Christy Wimber is an author, teacher, and leader within the Vineyard Movement. She has traveled the world extensively for the last 25 years speaking into the Church on a variety of topics as her passion is to love, encourage and equip the Church. She has taken on encouraging the Church in how to love and serve those struggling and/or caring for those with mental health issues as well helping the Church empower women in leadership in the local Church. Formerly with Vineyard Music, Christy planted a Vineyard Church in 2006 in Yorba Linda California and is currently working with Vineyard US in

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