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In a world dominated by stress, worry, depression, and fear, what does it take to generate joy and reclaim the life you were created to live?

In this compelling and thought-provoking book, Talasi Guerra addresses the joy crisis facing our culture today. Having struggled to personally reconcile the difficult experience of her day-to-day life with the biblical mandate to choose joy, Talasi explores the critical connection between joy and suffering and offers a profound view of how intentional joy can revolutionize the gruelling journey up the mountain of life. She combines the raw experience of her personal mental health battles with rock-solid biblical teaching to reveal the secrets of life-changing joy in the heavenward journey.

Whether battling with depression, going through a slump, or simply navigating the mundane challenges of everyday life, Joy Like a Mountain will refresh your spirit through the power of the gospel and equip you with the tools you need to find freedom from bondage to circumstance-driven sadness and sorrow.

As you trek through the pages of this book, you will discover:

The Genesis – Where the journey of radical joy begins for all of us.
The Goal – Our aim as we navigate the mountain of life.
The Guarantee – How knowing the end of the story brings security here and now.
The Guide – Who leads you up the mountain.
The Gear – What equipment is needed to generate joy along the journey.
The Guts – How to cultivate courage throughout the climb.
The Grit – How choosing joy in suffering produces perseverance.
The Glory – Everlasting joy in the presence of God.

Joy Like a Mountain invites believers who sense an incongruence between the pain of their lived reality and the ecstasy of their promised salvation to discover the radical secrets of biblical joy on the journey of life. If you have ever found that choosing joy feels a little bit like climbing an impossible mountain, this book is for you. Don’t wait. It’s time to overcome the obstacles that hold you back and rise to new heights as you unleash revolutionary joy into the everyday moments of your life!

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About The Author


Author, Joy Like A Mountain, (self-published, 2020) Speaker who communicates biblical principles to inspire, challenge, and awaken others to live out their God given purpose Former Director of Children and Family Ministries at a large church in western Canada for a decade Trains and equips Christian leaders since 2010 Offers individual coaching to family ministry teams Blogger; Married to Ryan Two children Avra and Katana

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