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What if almost dying was the very thing that saved your life? 

By age forty, Michael Pruett was a thriving businessman. He had raised millions in capital, started an Internet provider service, worked with contractors to develop and flip homes, and had established a solid reputation in Jackson Hole. Add to this a new wife and stepdaughters, and he had reached the pinnacle of the high life...or so he thought. His newest jaunt in real estate had nearly led him to bankruptcy, and his success was unraveling. On a routine drive home, a pair of headlights headed straight for him, changing his life forever. 

July 15, 2012–the day he should have died. 

Michael's riveting biography tells the story of a terrible happenstance that forced him and his loved ones to explore life's uncertainties. His story challenges us to ask the tough questions–about divine intervention, why bad things happen to good people, and what to do when the route we pick doesn't take us where we planned to go. 

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