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Fifty percent of all marriages, both Christian and non-Christian, end in divorce. More than half of divorces are filed by women due to unfulfilled marital expectations and a lack of guidance. "Why bother to stay married?" they ask. The answer to this question, asked by many couples, is addressed in detail through this compelling, personal, and detailed story of one couple's marital journey.

Vicki Rose shares her life story as an example of what GOD can and will do to restore a broken and seemingly irreparable relationship. Vicki and her husband Bill, part owner of the New York Yankees, were separated for 5 1/2 years. Both Jewish, they each came to know Jesus Christ during their separation. They reconciled and now have a Christ-centered, strong, and healthy marriage.

If you are wondering if it is worth the effort to stay married and have thought about divorce, this book is for you.

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About The Author


Vicki Rose is a strong Bible teacher with a relevant, life-changing message. She gives people hope in the Lord and His might and power to change lives today. Her desire is for people to see and know the power of God and His word to both live victoriously and to know God better. Vicki was born and raised in New York City, graduating from an all-girls private school class of 20 in 1971, one week after her mother died of cancer. Upon graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 1975, Vicki began her retail career at Saks Fifth Ave and went on to marry Bill Rose in 1977. After almost 10 years of

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