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Abortion is ending ... where you live. Author Shawn Carney takes you on a heartfelt journey to the darkest corners of our culture to share what many don't see — hope.

These 40 powerful stories include:

"The Right Wrong Number" - A young pregnant woman in Texas tried to call Planned Parenthood to schedule an abortion but what unfolded saved her baby's life.

"Faith Stronger Than Cancer" - How a deacon saved lives and ended abortion in his community while fighting for his own.

"Courage in California" - A prayer volunteer in a wheelchair was spat on and ridiculed only to trust God's plan and inspire a couple to choose life for their baby. 

"Almost Aborted" - A woman who has helped save hundreds of lives from abortion discovers later in life that she was almost aborted.

"I Heard You Singing" - An abortion doctor who heard prayers and singing in the pregnancy center next door to his abortion facility ends up never doing another abortion.

And many more.

The Beginning of the End of Abortion is a fast-paced journey through 40 true stories that demonstrate how prayer saves lives, changes hearts, and transforms communities ... and nations. The escalating results of 40 Days for Life's peaceful prayer vigils held around the globe are in your neighborhood saving lives, closing abortion facilities, and inspiring abortion workers to leave their jobs. The Beginning of the End of Abortion can serve as your devotional guide, with one story, scripture, and devotional thought every day for 40 days. Abortion is ending ... and God can use you in what He is doing.

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About The Author


Shawn began as a volunteer in the pro-life movement while still in college. During this time he helped to lead the first-ever local 40 Days for Life campaign. After graduating from college, Shawn was asked to serve as the Executive Director of the Coalition for Life, a local pro-life organization in Texas made up of more than 60 churches. From its beginning, Shawn has been instrumental in growing 40 Days for Life nationally and then internationally. Shawn is one of the most sought-after pro-life speakers, addressing audiences coast-to-coast and internationally. He has executive produced award

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