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Fatigue Lifted Through Faith in God’s Word

Michelle Wilson


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Cathy recalls, “I started not feeling my strength as I'm so used to it being there. A little fatigued and I didn't know really what it was, and then I noticed that I was coughing a lot.”

700 Club Partner, Cathy Duncan had been the sole care provider for her ailing mother for five years before she passed away. That’s when Cathy noticed her own health starting to decline.

Cathy says, “It was about the 14th of July that I had to lay down on my bed because when I stood up, I had to hold onto the wall, or I would fall down.”

Her husband Daniel also noticed the difference in his wife’s stamina.

Daniel shares, “I just saw her energy levels just drop and she was very, very weak. I was believing in faith that God was going to heal Cathy.”

Cathy met with her primary care physician through a virtual visit and none of the meds he prescribed her helped. Instead, her condition grew worse.

Cathy remembers, “I said, ‘Lord, I have to be at my mother's funeral.’ It was the 23rd. And I said, ‘Lord, you are my strength. I believe that. My unyielding strength, and I need your help Lord.’”

Cathy who was now confined to her bed needed help around the clock. Daniel did whatever he could to ease her suffering. Her daughter Katie also provided constant support for her.

Katie shares, “I was making sure she was having vitamins and brought some soup over for her. And seeing her not even be able to get out of bed without assistance was heartbreaking.”

In spite of everything Cathy continued to trust God to heal her. Then on July 19th, Cathy was at home alone when she says she heard an urgent voice.

Cathy shares, “To me it was like audible, ‘Get up and turn on the 700 Club.’”

Then she heard the hosts praying.

Cathy says, “And then Wendy came on and she said, ‘There's somebody…”

Wendy the 700 Club host says, “You have chronic fatigue. You normally have lots of energy, but you can’t get out of bed.”

Cathy says, “She said, ‘You're usually active and you're wondering why you're feeling this way’ oh, my gosh, she said…, ‘”

Wendy the 700 Club host continues, “and you’ve been asking yourself what’s wrong. The Lord’s touching you right now, and it’s been just almost like a spirit. So, we just bind that spirit in Jesus’ name and command it to leave and you are healed in Jesus’ name.”

Cathy shares, “I JUMPED UP! From my recliner and I said, ‘It's me! Lord, you healed me! You healed me. I receive it, Lord.’”

When Katie heard the news that her mom was totally healed, the first thing they did was to start packing Cathy’s bags for the trip to attend her mother’s funeral.

Katie remembers, “And it was just this obvious manifestation of her healing, just through her energy she was back to her normal, energetic self. I was so thankful (EMOTIONAL) that the Lord saw us in our greatest time of need.”

When Daniel got home from work, Daniel shares, “I noticed right away Cathy's countenance had changed. Her energy level was up and God had healed her.”

Three days later, Cathy and Daniel flew out to honor her mother’s life and legacy.

Cathy says, “And I was on the plane going to my mother's funeral and so thankful that I was able to honor my mother.”

Today, Cathy, is full of energy and loves playing with her grandchildren again. She wants to encourage everyone to never give up on the promises of God to heal you.

Cathy shares, “I feel so strong and so good and at times even better than I did before. He will watch over His word and perform it. God will show up in your life.”


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Michelle Wilson

Michelle’s been with CBN since 2003 as a 700 Club reporter-producer. She’s an award-winning producer who’s traveled to seven countries producing life-changing stories on healings, salvations, and natural disasters, reaching millions for Jesus. She’s an entrepreneur and humanitarian who gives generously to those in need through Michelle Wilson Ministries.