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You Gave This Military Mom a Victorious Outcome

Dory Nissen


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Sergeant Jordan is proud to serve as part of the support system for new Marine Corps recruits arriving at Camp Pendleton. At home, her top priority is her daughters. She always puts their needs in front of her own. Because that’s how she was raised. 

Jordan says, “My parents put my brother and my sister as well as myself first before them. My dad worked. My mom worked endless hours.”

Jordan has more financial challenges than her parents did because she is a single mom. So, a huge chunk of her paycheck goes to childcare. She learned that she’d get some financial relief as soon as a slot opened in the daycare center on base where the cost was significantly less than childcare in town. While waiting for an opening, her car broke down. Jordan simply couldn’t afford to fix it.
Jordan explains, “It's a huge headache because I get scared. It's kind of just waiting on that moment whenever I catch a break in my financial stuff that I can actually afford to get my car fully repaired.”

Financial relief for Jordan came when Helping the Home Front joined forces with a faith-based military support program called Soul Survivor Outdoor. Director Rick Wolf delivered some good news.
Rick says, “Through that partnership with CBN, your chaplain, and Soul Survivor Outdoor, we want to pay for the repairs on your car.”
Jordan replies, “Do you really? Thank you. Thank you.”

Rick continues, “It doesn't stop there.”

Jordan asks, “What do you mean? There's more?”

Rick says, “We are going to pay for 4 months of childcare so you can get yourself back on your feet.”

Jordan replies, “Thank you. You didn’t have to.”

Rick says, “You are taking care of us. We know the things that are going on in our world today. You are a sergeant in the marines. It takes a lot to do that. It’s a huge sacrifice for every one of us.”

Jordan replies, “I'm happy, and I’m excited because the car is going to be fixed! My kids are going to be safe driving from the house to daycare. It’s just, it's overwhelming. I thank you!”

Helping the Home Front paid to repair Jordan’s car and 4 months of childcare until she was able to get both girls into the daycare center on base. Jordan can now focus on her duties in the Marine Corps with a lot less stress.

Jordan concludes, “I really appreciate CBN and everything that they're doing because I know it's not just me that y'all are helping. I know there are other members out there that need this, and I appreciate it. I can say thanks to them as well. “


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Dory Nissen

Dory Nissen has been story telling for CBN since 1993. She joined CBN when her husband received orders to Norfolk, VA. She loves sharing stories of God’s grace. Her most recent focus has been on producing stories showcasing how CBN financially helps military families. As a Navy sailor’s wife, she understands the challenges military life brings.