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See Why Training Injury Heals Way Quicker Than Expected

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Morgan Stone has been a martial arts enthusiast for 15 years. While he loves working out with his wooden wing chun dummy, he says martial arts is more than learning about how to punch and kick.

Morgan states, “The discipline that you learn, the self-confidence when you walk around, you give off a positive energy because you know you can take any situation and contain it and control it.”

In November of 2020, with his gym closed because of covid, Morgan trained at home. One day, he hurt his left pinky and forefinger while working out.

Morgan shares, “I knew when I hit it that I had hit it incorrectly and caused a fracture because it got swollen and it hurt. I couldn't clench my fist shut.”

The next day Morgan took medicine for pain relief.

Morgan says, “And it really hurt to close my hand, like you could hear it kind of pop at the bottom and I knew something was broken or something was going on in there.”

After two days, Morgan was in so much pain he decided to go to his doctor.

Morgan recalls, “He said, ‘It's a hairline fracture and you don't need to do anything, but try not to use it. Obviously don't punch anything and if you have a sling, put it in a sling. It will heal itself.’”

Doing daily routines became a chore.

Morgan shares, “And just clutching my hand is agony and I couldn't use the laptop. As far as driving, I always drove with my left hand. You don't realize how much you do with the hand until you hurt that limb and then realize ‘Oh, I brush my teeth with my left arm. Or, you know, I'm used to grabbing the stove and cooking with that and cutting and it just stinks.”

For a month, he continued taking pain medication and nursing his hand. Then on December 2nd 2020, Morgan, a CBN partner, was watching the 700 Club when Pat had a word of knowledge.

Morgan says, “And I hear Pat say, 'You have got a cracked knuckle. You hit your fist against something and you cracked your knuckles. Just reach out, move your hand, take it, in the name of Jesus.'”

Morgan remembers, “'And the presence of God is like WHOOAAAAAAA! Like oh man, like Oh my God, this feels so good.’ So I'm over there, I'm reaching up and literally I'm putting my hand like this, and it's cracking into place and it's not hurting. And I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so cool. This is so cool. This is stuff in the Bible. This is a miracle!!’ And I'm going nuts.”

Over the next few days, the pain in Morgan’s hand went away.

Morgan shares, “It was just amazing to be able to move things, to touch things. To not have to walk around like, you know, just with one hand against your chest. And now I can do my chin ups. I'm working out maybe one day a week, maybe two days a week, just getting back into it.”

Morgan has a message for those in need of God’s healing touch.

Morgan says, “I know God is real. I know He heals people. God cares. Try talking to Him. And you watch how He rearranges things to help you, even in ways you didn't expect. And if you wait long enough you'll say, ‘That was God… that was God...that was God.’ And you can connect the dots in the very prayer you had to Him. He loves you; He will never stop loving you.”

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