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Eight Date Ideas for You and Your Mate This Christmas

Joyce Zook


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I've heard more excuses to avoid a date than I ever thought possible. During the holidays, the most common excuses are "no money" and "no time". Let's stop the excuses and make the necessary changes in our busy lives to start dating our spouses again. It's worth it.

Dating is romantic. It provides time to talk, laugh and appreciate one another without the children around. Dates keep us connected despite our hectic schedules. Good dates involve several parts; time alone as a couple, a fun activity and private intimate moments to share our love together.

Childcare is often a reason to not have dates. You can put the kids to bed early or enjoy time with your spouse when the children are involved in a sport or at school. Maybe you can arrange to trade babysitting nights with a trusted neighbor.

Women often complain because their husbands won't plan a date. Don't wait for your mate. Get busy and design a date. Locate and plan a fun activity for two. Include a romantic interlude in your bedroom at the end of the evening or day, and you will both "love" dates.

"Kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine."

Pick a time to spend together each week and keep your romance alive throughout the Christmas season.

Here are eight fun and inexpensive holiday date ideas:

1. Holiday Lights – Take a drive to look at the Christmas lights and decorations the people in your community have on display. Pick your favorites. Let the kids sleep in the backseat while you enjoy a few minutes alone.

2. Fire and Blanket – Make a fire in the fireplace and put a blanket in front of it. Lay close by your honey and sip hot chocolate or your favorite drink. Spend a few minutes unwinding before you go to sleep.

3. Football and Kisses – Give your loved one a big mushy kiss each time your team makes a touchdown. If your team doesn't score, then kiss on each first down. Get the kids to bed on time or a little early and create time for the two of you.

4. Walk and Flirt – Get outside. Walk on the beach, in the snow, through the woods or on the city streets. Hold hands; listen to what your loved one says. Smile often and flirt. Let your spouse know you love them.

5. Shopping and Food – Add a few creative twists to shopping and it can become a fun holiday date. Food always does the trick for us. Shop online or visit small local businesses while adhereing to local government health and safety guidelines. Celebrate successful holiday gift buying with a sweet dessert, lunch or dinner.

6. Tree Lights and Memories – Grab your hunk of a guy and head to your Christmas tree. Turn out the lights in the room, but leave the tree lights on. Share your favorite Christmas memories.

7. Free Concert – Find a free event to attend in your area where you can safely socially distance. Big churches will often put on spectacular events.  Look for drive-through panoramas. Then relax, sit back and soak in the holiday spirit for the evening.

8. Christmas Movie – Watch a Christmas movie. Select an old classic or a new release on television, download one on your computer or rent a DVD for the night. Sit side by side on the couch with the lights off. Enjoy your favorite movie snack and beverage.

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Joyce Zook is an international speaker, author and life coach who helps women create success and balance in their everyday lives. She is the author of 12 Keys for Marriage Success and encourages women with practical tips and wisdom based on biblical principles in her ministry at She is a Certified Professional Life and Marriage Coach, and, Board Certified Biblical Counselor. Joyce and her husband, Aaron, have been married for 36 years.