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A Story for Even Non-Animal Lovers

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A Godwink is a coincidence that isn’t a coincidence at all. It’s a person-to-person message from God. Another word for a Godwink is answered prayer. So, what is a Dogwink? It’s a Godwink story with a dog right at the center of it. SQuire and Louise propose that sometimes God communicates messages (without the use of spoken word) to people through our canine creatures. 

In their book, Dogwinks, SQuire and Louise explain that the word dog mirrors GOD: (1) the three letters are the same; (2) they both communicate with us without using the spoken word; (3) they provide enormous comfort and protection; and (4) dogs are God’s furry agents on earth.

They share, “Dogs have a definite purpose in God’s grand plan for us. You might think your life is random, like a twig floating downstream to destinations unknown. But it isn’t. Inside your DNA is a grand plan just for you. You have purpose. A destiny.”

Here is the Dogwinks story of Ruby which has been made into the movie, “Rescued by Ruby,” premiering on Netflix on March 17, 2022. 

In the movie, Trooper Dan O’Neil’s dream was to make the state police K-9 unit. He was already an officer but his attempts at trying to pass the K-9 tests failed several times. Also, because of age requirements for tryouts, this was the last year Dan could try again before aging out. Sargent Zarella told Dan they didn’t have it in their budget to buy another German Shepherd. So, Dan had to find a rescue dog to train himself. 

When Dan went to the SPCA, Ruby was only two hours away from being put down. Her caretaker Pat tried calling everyone she knew to save Ruby but was left feeling defeated until Dan walked through the door. Ruby typically wouldn’t go to strangers but she immediately went to Dan. He took Ruby home and trained her.

Eventually, Ruby got her police badge and started going on successful missing person searches. One day, they got a call about a teenage boy who had been missing for thirty-six hours during a cold snap. It was Ruby that found the body and began licking the teenager’s face trying to revive him. Dan gave his coordinates where he and Ruby were so the rescue team could get the boy on the stretcher, but the team could not find them. Dan told Ruby to bark. The rescue team was able to follow Ruby's barking and take the boy to the hospital.

As the ambulance came and was attending to the boy, Dan saw Pat. It turned out that the boy’s mother was none other than Pat, the dog trainer at the SPCA, who had advocated for Ruby to live, but never heard what happened to the dog. 

Pat’s son made a full recovery and is attending college. In October 2018, Ruby was named the national Search and Rescue winner in the Hero Dog Awards telecast on the Hallmark Channel. 


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