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No More Unhealthy Water

Melissa Reany


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Rhona explained, “When I was a young girl, I often went to the stream to play. When I got older, I went to fetch water for my mother. One time, the weight of the water made my neck hurt so bad I just poured the water out and went home with an empty container.” 

Now, Rhona is married with a family of her own. The burden of fetching water is still a daily struggle.

Rhona said, “The stream is very far, and I go four times a day. Carrying the water home is so tiring. I get home exhausted, and even though my body needs rest, I have to keep going, because there are always chores waiting.”

And the water she gets is contaminated.

“It smells and tastes really bad,” said Rhona. “I feel terrible drinking that water and giving it to my family, but I have no choice, because it's all we have. We often get intense stomach aches and vomit. When my son was three, he got very sick from the water. I am thankful he survived, because I thought he was going to die. I prayed all the time for God to send us help.” 

When Operation Blessing heard about the suffering in Rhona’s village, we dug a well near her home, and helped bring healing and health to an entire community desperate for change.

Rhona said, “When you came, we were all so grateful. We could not hold back our joy. I’ve never had this kind of water before. It feels like life to my body. Every time I drink it, I feel good and healthy. We no longer have any sickness from bad water. With the well this close, even my daughter can easily fetch water. I have more time to do things like helping my husband farm. And now, before noon, I am done with my chores! I have time to give my body rest, and to hang out with my friends, something I couldn’t do before now. Life is good. Thank you, Operation Blessing, for giving us a new life. We are healthy, and we are happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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About The Author


About The Author

Dan Reany

Daniel Reany works with domestic and international producers to share stories of God’s love changing people’s lives. His main focus is on CBN’s humanitarian work. He holds an MA in anthropology, and volunteers with the Order of St. John. In their spare time, he and his wife enjoy travel, medieval reenactments, and hosting events.