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Overcoming Cancer by Faith and Diet

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In 2000, David Trombly was a 31-year-old, fit, Marine fighter pilot with a family of six, and a bright career ahead of him. When a small cyst was discovered and removed in his upper, right jawbone, a military dentist ordered a biopsy: it was cancer.  

David says he had no fear or anxiety when given such hard news, but went into problem-solving mode. Seeing that the navy dentist was distraught, David tried to encourage him. "Doc, I'm not dead yet, and a strong will to win is second only to a deep faith in God. I have both. I will not only beat this disease, but I will fly again."  

Admitting that could sound presumptuous, he explains the source of his confidence: "I experienced a God moment. It wasn't me encouraging the doctor; it was the Holy Spirit. I knew deep in my soul that God was speaking directly to I stepped onto a new battlefield, one for which I hadn't been trained."

Further tests at Bethesda Naval Hospital confirmed that David’s cancer was a rare form called primary lymphoma of the bone. At the time, David says there were no documented cases at the National Institute of Health or Bethesda of people who’d survived five years with that particular cancer.  

David was given a prognosis of two years to live, and possibly, an additional six months with chemotherapy. As the news spread quickly to family, friends, and their church, their prayer support grew rapidly. At home that night, David says, "I heard the Holy Spirit say, 'I got this.' I started to cry. I was bathed in a wave of peace beyond words and logic." 


"When we were about 10 days into this thing, we realized conventional medicine didn't have a path for us," David says.

He then became very open to what Megan had already embraced: natural healing methods. She then did extensive research on the importance of a healthy diet, pure water, and eliminating toxins.  "We stepped out on a faith fight the disease naturally. We daily stayed in the Word and prayer. We asked God for healing, peace to get through the day, discernment, and the discipline to act on His leading. I read Psalm 91 every day,” he says.  “I would take it all in and accept the promises of God in that passage."  

Soon, they were referred to a doctor who had helped other cancer patients fight the disease naturally and beat it. The physician connected David with a nutritionist who put him on a completely raw diet. "God gave me the discipline to eat raw and not cheat.” David says that was quite a feat for a person who loves M&Ms, Snickers, and Coke! He also went on a regular colon cleanse regimen, and had his fillings replaced with non-metal material.  

At every step of his holistic journey, David received pushback from the world of conventional medicine and military doctors. No matter, he and Megan kept seeking God and stayed the course. "I prayed even when my prayers didn't feel effective… like they were hitting the ceiling and falling to the floor." During the dark seasons and medical setbacks, David says, "I would thank God for all He had done, for showing us the way so far, the success so far, the strength." 

In the summer of 2001, David was given the opportunity to go to a cancer clinic in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Despite a three-month waiting list, David was unexpectedly notified of an opening if he could be there in ten days. He jumped at the opportunity, and spent hours on the internet searching for affordable flights. The least expensive one he could find was $3,000. "I was not worried,” he admits. “I knew God will provide a ticket." Then, a friend whose wife worked with an airline, called and offered him a buddy pass for just $300. "It was God's provision," David states. "When I went to Switzerland, God opened a huge door.” He received ozone, magnetic, and hydrothermal therapies, vitamin C infusions, etc.  “I would pray about things offered to me. If I didn't have a sense of peace, I would say no."  

Since that time, David and Megan have helped hundreds of other cancer patients with what they learned. “Do your homework, make a plan, form a ‘war council’ – this is your decision. Pray until you have peace.”  The Scripture verses which they clung to most during this time were Psalm 91, , and .    


After a month at the Swiss clinic, in August of 2001, David’s scan came back clean.

"There was no sign of a tumor in either my jawbone or in the sinus cavity. Thirty days later I did an MRI. It also confirmed I was cancer-free. My ability to beat cancer required a support team of elite, biological (holistic) doctors, friends, and prayer warriors. Prayer had been a key weapon in our warfare. Megan and I could not have stayed on the path less traveled but through His merciful leading and divine intervention. God allowed us to stay the course. The healing was a gift. The portion of faith we received to walk that path was equally as miraculous a gift. God only called us to take one step at a time. The discernment, the discipline, the courage, the peace, the faith, and the healing were all His touch. This battle was His battle, which He chose to end in a decisive victory for His glory alone.”  

What the Tromblys want others to gain from their story is not simply that God can heal someone with chemo or carrots, as David puts it, but to know the hope and peace of Christ, no matter one’s journey or outcome.   

With that gigantic obstacle behind him, David turned his sights to flying again, and would face another battle.  

"I wanted to get back in the cockpit to join my squadron. After two years of effort to return to flying, I was put back in a plane training the next generation of warrior fighters. With my qualification to fly again, I became the first Marine aviator to survive my rare bone cancer successfully using 100% alternative medicine methods and also to be returned to official flight status."  

David continued flying and training young pilots until his retirement in 2019, after 25 years of service. His last official flight was with his 29-year-old son, Alex, acting as teacher for his son’s first flight as a fighter pilot in the Marine Corp.   

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