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Channel Surfing Produced Shocking Result

Andrea Morris


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“I was sad when I missed my kids’ activities. It frustrated me,” explained Deidre Arvin. It was March 2023 when she began experiencing pain in her left jaw.

“The pain was from a bad tooth that I had on my left side,” said Deidre. “The pain was constant…radiating through my jaw, through my left side of my neck, up the left side of my head. The pain affected my daily life, my work life. It was very distracting, hard to get things done around the house and go to commitments that I had.”

Deidre continued, “I’m one of those people who do not like going to the dentist so that be like my ultimate last resort. Every four hours I was waking up in the middle of the night to take medication as well. I would take the Ibuprofen, two hours later, I would take Tylenol. I got a little bit of relief from that. The pain never went away completely.”

Deidre also prayed for God to heal her.

“If I blinked my eyes, you know, it would hurt and then I would say, ‘God, please just take this pain away. I can’t handle this. God, I need your help to get through this workday,'” said Deidre. “If it woke me up in the middle of the night, I would say, ‘Lord, I need to sleep.’”

Then in April 7, Deidre and her husband Nick were looking for something to watch on T.V. and came across The 700 Club.

“We’re watching the show and there was a man on there who had a mass on the side of his face I think and had been healed completely of that,” recalled Deidre. “And so that kind of kept us watching the whole entire show. Then, at the end, Gordon was saying a prayer.”

“You have a severe infection in your left jaw, into your teeth,” prayed Gordon. “I don’t know what it is, I call it infection, severe pain and swelling. God is delivering you of it right now, in the name of Jesus, be healed and may your jaw be normal now in Jesus’ name,” said Gordon.

“I kind of like opened my eye, like, is he talking to me, is he talking to me? Me and my husband looked at each other and he was like, ‘Was that for you?’ And I was like, well, we’ll find out!” 

“I was healed instantly! declared Deidre. “There was no pain. It was gone.”

Deidre says for the first time in nearly a month, she slept through the night and is enjoying life again. “This left jaw pain might seem so small, even for me it was kind of small on a bigger, grander scale, but God cares for me and the little things too,” said Deidre.

“It kind of cleared a lot of things up for me. Kind of took away a little bit of doubt that I might have had. God definitely is real. He'll definitely heal you. He definitely cares for you.”

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Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris is a Features Producer for The 700 Club. She came to CBN in 2019 where she worked as a web producer in the news department for three years. Her passion was always to tell human interest stories that would touch the hearts of readers while connecting them with God. She transitioned into her new role with The 700 Club in August 2022.