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Sully: Movie Review

Hannah Goodwyn


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As restrained and reserved as its hero, Clint Eastwood's Sully recounts the story of Captain Sullenberger and the crew and passengers on US Airways Flight #1549 with a subtlety that will move you.

Chronicling Sully's life, matched against the controlled ditching of the plane into the Hudson River after a multiple bird strike disabled both engines, the film inspires and enlightens. It's an eye-opening portrayal of the day-to-day, moment to absolute moment surrounding the events of the Miracle on the Hudson.

Tom Hanks' Sully makes the movie. His presence on film in the character of the heroic, yet troubled captain is something to see. Actors Aaron Eckhart, who plays co-pilot Jeff Skiles, and Laura Linney, as Sully's wife Lorraine, support Hanks well.

Though a few changes, especially in regard to one replayed scene in particular, would escalate the quality and impact of the film, Sully offers some heartpounding moments. The rescuing spirit and care for others during and after the ditching is its compass. It reminds moviegoers that we all can be heroes to those in need around us each day.

Rated PG-13 for some peril and brief strong language, Sully warrants caution. It's a beautiful story, but that story unfolds slower than some kids will be able to sit through (unfortunately). Besides, the foul language is pretty strong, at times (including one F-bomb and profane uses of God's name).

Sully isn't the award winner that all other features must beat. However, in it, Eastwood creates a momentum that engages as we watch behind the scenes of what happened that day.

Note: If you plan to see Sully, watch it in an IMAX theater. You won't be disappointed.

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