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Sparkle: Movie Review

Hannah Goodwyn


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Sparkle, Whitney Houston's last film before her death, releases in theaters today. This T.D. Jakes-produced remake ironically mirrors Houston's own tragic story as it follows the lives of three singing sisters and their Baptist momma who warned them about the pitfalls of showbiz.

This intense story set to music with a backdrop of 1960s Detroit, which was also executive produced by Houston, is a sobering reminder of the consequences of self-destructive and prideful behavior and the redemption and healing found in faith and family.


Sparkle (Jordin Sparks) was born to make music. Writing songs is like second nature to her. And though she has a voice to boot, she’s content to stay in the background and let her sister take center stage. That is until Stix (Derek Luke) comes to town. Impressed with the sisters’ talent, Stix steps in as the girls’ manager and begins to promote their act around Detroit. Sparkle’s dream of making it big in music seems on track until her strict, church-going mother (Whitney Houston) finds out what they’ve been up to and when her older sister falls into the dark side of being in the “industry”.


Watching Ms. Houston belt out "Eye Is On the Sparrow" at her character's church is a capturing moment in Sparkle. Even if you forget the fact that Whitney Houston is on screen, acting and singing for the last time, you’re still left with the same reaction by the movie’s end; Sparkle is a wonderful film.

It's a powerful film that touches on deep issues of addiction, abuse and greed. Sparkle celebrates incredible music and manages to convict, yet still lift the spirit. Not many films go this deep and it’s a good thing this one did. Sparkle’s story points to the depravity of man and the need for love, in our families, in our relationships and in our faith in God.

Though the ending is cut short, the flow of most of the film was spot-on. From the writing to the direction of the movie, Sparkle exceeds expectations.

Rated PG-13, this film does come with a caution advised warning. Sparkle includes scenes of drug use, drinking, smoking, abuse, foul language and violence. It is not a movie for children. Also, quite a few of the sisters' dresses are risqué.


Whitney would be proud.

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