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Nancy Stafford’s Christmas Traditions



Share This article - Actress Nancy Stafford is best known for her role opposite Andy Griffith on Matlock.  Today, she’s starring in a new movie called Christmas with a Capital C. CBN News reported Wendy Griffith visited Nancy in her California home and helped her trim the Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments made by Nancy’s mother.

Wendy:  “Nancy, you have this great Christmas tradition of decoration your tree every year with ornaments that your mom made special for you and so many of them mark milestones in your life.”

Nancy: “Yes, every Christmas to me is just a surprise and wonder because every ornament is infused with love and every ornament is unique because it was made by my mom.”

Wendy: “Now like many of us, you had braces as a child and your mom made an ornament of that time when you wore braces, now this ornament couldn’t be beautiful.”

Nancy:  “Well, what do you think, aren’t they the prettiest braces you’ve ever seen!”

Wendy:  “Oh my gosh, it’s stunning!”

Nancy:  “But doesn’t it look like orthodontia?  It’s the prettiest orthodontia you’ll ever seen?” “And when I got my first pair of coke bottle thick glasses Mom made this just like the little blue glasses I first wore as a six year old.”

Wendy: “That’s stunning.  Well, a lot of people don’t know that you were Miss Florida, and you have an ornament.”

Nancy: “That year Mom made this one with the gold crown, the King of Kings at the top, and she reminded me when she gave me this, Nancy you’re going to wear this crown for a year, but I want you to remember more than anything the crown that still awaits you.”

Wendy:  “I have chills.”

Nancy:  “I know.”

From one beautiful ornament to the next, Nancy’s life story came alive with each sparkling gem, piece of ribbon.

Nancy:  “Does this sort of silver grey blue remind you of Andy Griffith’s suit?  Well, the year I got married. Mom thought this was the perfect picture of God’s love for us.  Mom made this ornament for me to give me a glimpse of life beyond the earthly realm.”

Wendy:  “Now this Christmas will be the first Christmas that you won’t have your mom.” 

Nancy:  “Yeah.”

Wendy:  “She went to be with the Lord in January.  And I can’t imagine.”

Nancy:  “Oh, it’s going to be hard but, everyone of these is a reminder of her life in me and our life together.” “This is the last one, and the reason that it’s so special is because the pendant was from a necklace she wore every night as she rocked me to sleep.”

Wendy: “Your mom was incredibly talented these could have been sold at the finest stores but she made them just for you.”

Nancy:  “Just for me, that’s what God does, isn’t it?  It’s like He creates us like His work of art. So every I unwrap my ornaments and put them on the tree I’m reminded of God’s great love for us and His mercy and His grace, that is so far beyond what we could ever imagine.”

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