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'Free Guy': Movie Review

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FREE GUY is a science fiction comedy about a background character in a popular video game who suddenly becomes a living being because of the game’s hidden AI technology and then he causes all sorts of problems for the game’s owner, who stole the technology for the game from two savvy programmers. Filled with lots of action and many laughs, FREE GUY is marred by lots of foul language, including several strong profanities, a mixed worldview with moral and humanist elements, and an irreverent tone that pokes fun at many cultural icons, including a joke mocking Jesus Christ’s message that every person has a sinful nature that needs fixing.

The movie opens in the game world of Free City, where chaos and devastation reign and players get points for committing criminal acts. A bank teller named Guy leads a dull life while criminal chaos unfolds around him and other people, including his friend, Buddy, the bank’s security guard. The streets are filled with rampant crime, shootouts and explosions. Meanwhile, Guy and Buddy’s bank is robbed three times a day or more. Nobody does anything about the criminals, who are impossible to stop and wear sunglasses.

One day, however, Guy spots a beautiful brunette in sunglasses nicknamed Molotovgirl. He gives her his standard greeting but secretly pines for her. Buddy encourages Guy to speak to her, but it doesn’t go well. Guy tries to follow her, but he gets hit by a streetcar. Guy wakes up immediately the next morning, like something out of the movie GROUNDHOG DAY. Later that day, Molotovgirl expects Guy to say the same thing he’s always said to her, but he says something different.

Back at work, another robbery occurs, but Guy stands up to the robber and takes his sunglasses, but not before the robber smashes his nose. Outside, when he puts on the sunglasses, he can see all the icons in the game world, including a first-aid kit. He touches the kit and his face is immediately healed. He also grabs some game money and buys the fancy, expensive tennis shoes he’s been admiring.

Guy decides to start wearing the sunglasses full time. However, instead of being a criminal, he decides to be a good guy. Another encounter with Molotovgirl ends up with her giving Guy some instructions on how to increase his levels. She tells him besides grabbing money from the bad guys, he can steal their guns and weapons.

Guy doesn’t know it, but all the criminals in Free City are actually players in the “real world.” In fact, he becomes so successful taking away weapons that he becomes a sensation among the gamers. The video game owner’s a rude, mean, selfish guy named Antwan. He orders his staff not to delete Guy from the game because of his popularity with the gamers.

It turns out that Molotovgirl is actually a game avatar of Millie, one of two computer programmers from whom Antwan stole the software used to run the Free City game. Millie is searching for a secret file in the game that will give her and her partner, Keys, proof that Antwan stole their technology. She tells Guy the truth about himself, and he agrees to help her find the secret file.

However, Antwan decides to put the sequel game to Free City online early. which will delete all the characters in the first game in 48 hours. Can Guy and Millie find the proof they need to shut down Antwan and save the people of Free City?

FREE GUY has lots of action and many laughs. It’s really an action comedy. As such, it’s one of the better made, unique action comedies released in recent years, with great special effects. However, it has a mixed pagan worldview with humanist and moral elements. For example, the movie has strong morally uplifting elements where love is a key motivator in the story and life is seen as valuable. Also, Guy is a good guy who wants to be and so becomes a hero. However, the movie also strongly encourages people to exercise their free will to be the kind of person they want to be and make a difference in their life and the lives of others. In a way, this theme promotes individual liberty, a Pro-American, conservative value, but there’s also a humanist aspect to it. FREE GUY also has lots of action violence, some lewd innuendoes, two or three homosexual references, and excessive foul language, including three strong profanities. In addition, the movie has an irreverent tone that includes a joke mocking Jesus Christ’s message that everyone has a sinful nature that needs reform. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.

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