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'Finding 'Ohana': Movie Review

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FINDING ‘OHANA is a fun adventure movie about four young people looking for a treasure in Hawaii. FINDING ‘OHANA has some moral, redemptive elements about supporting family and sacrifice, but it’s marred by pagan mysticism and brief foul language.

Pili and Ioane are sad to leave New York City but have to visit their grandfather who isn’t well. Pili is a tomboy who’s very interested in adventure and puzzles, while Ioane is a teenage boy who is mostly interested in getting a girl’s number. The two don’t see eye to eye on things but have to get along in the midst of it. Their mother, Leilani, is on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu taking care of her father. While the whole family is together, there are memories and photos of their father that keep showing up. Their father passed years ago, and they still hold him dear to their hearts.

When Pili finds an old journal in her grandfather’s trailer, she’s curious what it is. The journal has drawings in it, including information about a secrete treasure on the island. The very next morning, Pili decides to go with her friend, Casper, to find the treasure. They don’t get far, but her grandfather, Kimo, agrees to take her out on the boat and tell her something about the treasure.

Grandfather Kimo and Pili go out on a boat to a nearby island, but as Kimo tells Pili about the treasure, he slips and gets seriously injured. Now, Kimo needs to get to the hospital and stay there for a few days. Feeling bad, Pili believes she must find the treasure in order to help with the medical bills for their family.

FINDING ‘OHANA is a lively adventure movie. The movie is much like the 1985 adventure comedy movie THE GOONIES. Overall, it’s entertaining, but it does drag on a bit too long.

FINDING ‘OHANA has some moral, redemptive elements about sacrifice and learning to help and support family. However, it’s marred by pagan, Hawaiian mysticism stressing the belief that dead people become spirits who become part of the Earth. So, MOVIEGIDE® advises extreme caution for FINDING ‘OHANA.

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