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6 Ways to Fit Out

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Many people make the mistake of only going to a building labeled “Gym” or “Fitness Center” to use his or her strong and able body. Certainly we’ve been blessed with a marvelous physical machine. But the point of exercising isn’t just to look really, really, really good with your favorite Instagram filter. NO! Being physically fit means you have the ability to move better, faster, or stronger.

In an effort to get all of our members at 413 Fitness to embrace what they work so hard for, we intentionally don’t offer personal training the last week of every month. We want to encourage members to go move — outside of the gym! They may go hiking, running, rock climbing, or even cycling.

Based on our outside-the-gym model, I want to encourage you with some different ways you can experience your body’s full potential outside of the training facility.

1. Running Sprinting

When was the last time you got thoroughly out of breath? Many people can go jog a mile and maybe not even break a sweat. As we age, we first lose the ability to move quickly.

No track? No problem. *Drum roll, please…*

I give you: Mailbox/light pole sprints. Doing short sprint intervals is the most reasonable place to start for the average Joe or Jane. Take it to the streets and use mailboxes or light poles as your markers to change your pace. I recommend doing them in this order: walk, jog, sprint, jog, walk. Building up and down smoothly in your pace and cadence will be the easiest on your body to control.

2. Rock Climbing / Bouldering

There is no better pound for pound test of strength and coordination than rock climbing. Your mobility will be challenged and your forearms will likely be screaming at you for the foreseeable future.

I recommend finding an indoor climbing facility where you can rent the equipment. In our area, greater Louisville, Kentucky my favorite spot is called Climb Nulu. It is a “bouldering” facility where you climb without a harness. It is a way bigger adrenaline rush for me, even though there are plenty of soft pads below.

Though inside is a good place to start, you’ll want to get outside and find places where rock climbing and bouldering enable you to experience God’s gifts of sunlight, fresh air and natural beauty.

3. Hiking

It wasn’t until a Bible study during the summer of 2017 when I noticed a unique and characteristic mark throughout Jesus discipleship. He retreated to the woods, up a hill or into the desert to be alone with God. Getting out in nature is a great way to break the fast-paced culture of push notifications and speeding tickets.

You get bonus points for running in the woods (especially if you run up hill)! Trail running is my number one preferred exercise and it varies drastically from the concrete jungle to which many of you are accustom. Though you might get some paved steps and a handrail, due to the roots, small (and large) hills, streams, and whatever else comes your way, each stride is different. This is great for lower leg strength and ankle stability.

4. Cycling

Oh the joys of cycling. Riding a bike is just like running; you are outside and getting some vitamin D, but going way faster.

5. Intramurals /Co-ed leagues

Call your Parks & Rec department or a local church and find what sports leagues are offered. Then rally some friends or guilt trip your co-workers until they agree to join!

Indoor and outdoor soccer




The list goes on and on…

6. Frisbee/Disc Golf

Recently I was introduced to disc golf and my life has forever changed. No more Billy Madison bursts of rage because my club doesn’t work right. Alternatively, you can play ultimate Frisbee if you have a big team or group of people! It’s like football, except with no tackling…usually.

There are 101 different ways to celebrate your able body. Use this list as a springboard for finding new activities you enjoy. Finding hobbies outside the gym can be great fuel to your motivation inside the gym!


From Faith & Fitness Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © Faith & Fitness Magazine and Lifestyle Media Group. Faith & Fitness Magazine is a lifestyle resource to build physical and spiritual strength. It helps readers make connections between the Christian faith and the fitness lifestyle. To contact the publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine, Brad Bloom, for reprint permission, e-mail

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