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Photographer’s Incurable Eye Condition Healed

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Sandi Angel, a photography enthusiast from Sidney, Montana, cherished capturing the beauty of nature until she faced the potential loss of her eyesight due to wet macular degeneration. The disorder, marked by abnormal blood vessel leakage into the retina, posed the threat of blindness. Her doctor prescribed lifelong, painful eye injections for treatment. Despite the ordeal, Sandi found solace in watching The 700 Club, where on April 27th, 2022, she heard a declaration of healing for eyesight.

She heard host Ashley Key say, “I believe that the Lord is healing eyesight right now. The left eye, I believe that God is healing that for you right now. Claim this for yourself, receive it. Receive the healing from God who sees you and loves you. He heals you right now.” Sandi exclaimed, “I said that's for me! And I just knew it was for me. I knew it in my heart. And I jumped up. That's for me! I felt important. All of the sudden, I felt like I was seen but I know I always was seen.”

Embracing the message, she felt a deep sense of significance and faith. Days later, as she was prepared for another painful injection, her doctor unexpectedly shared that her wet macular degeneration had vanished, a miraculous outcome that defied medical expectations. Sandi is now free from injections and continues to receive positive reports from her eye doctor, acknowledging God's profound care and miraculous intervention.

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