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Jesus Entered, and Cancer Left!



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Fayetteville, GA

“I had those moments, waking up just in a cold sweat,” says Abigail. “Knowing that the grim reaper was standing at the foot of my bed, like, ‘I have a right to be here. I took your dad out; I took your grandparents’--I never even knew my grandparents,” says Abigail. “‘I have a right. I’m here to get you too.’”

All her life, Abigail Hot-Jennings had braced herself for this moment...a battle with cancer. She’d watched her dad fight it for ten years, until he passed away when she was 16. Now, 42 years old, she’d been diagnosed with an aggressive form of metastatic cancer.

“I think the Lord was preparing me like, ‘You are about to enter a battle, but I am with you,’” says Abigail.

Less than a year earlier she’d undergone a double mastectomy after learning she had Stage 3 breast cancer. She thought she was in the clear. But six months later at a follow-up PET scan with her oncologist...

“’This is what I feared,’” says the oncologist. “‘It’s moved into your lungs. And, you see these places? These are places I cannot get to. This is-this is terminal and you will die from this.’”

The treatments he did offer were extreme and would only put off the inevitable.

“That is when that grim reaper - I could feel - I could feel that thing,” says Abigail. “That spirit of death, and that spirit of fear walk in the room. And, THEN, I felt wonderful Jesus walk in the room as well,” says Abigail. “And He said, ‘But who do you say that I am?’ And it was in that moment that something rose up inside of me,” says Abigail. “And, I remember answering Him in my mind, ‘This is gonna be a great line in my book one day.’ In other words, ‘I know you’re gonna heal me and I’m gonna write about this one day,’” says Abigail.

Abigail declined the treatments and decided she would fight cancer taking a natural and dietary approach, and above all, praying and believing God for healing.

“As believers, there is a hope inside of us. And so-now, did I just walk around like, ‘Oh, you know?’ I didn’t know how God was gonna do it, but I knew my eyes were on Him,” says Abigail.

Enlisting the prayers of her family and friends, Abigail, a single mom of two, talked openly with her children about her health.

“And I remember my little girl, Lily, came up to me with a magazine,” says Abigail. “And she opened the magazine. And she loved American Girl dolls. They now have an American Girl doll with no hair. And she said, ‘Mom, maybe I need to get this one this year in case you lose your hair.’ And I said, ‘Honey you will not have to order that doll, because Mommy is not losing her hair!’” says Abigail. 

Three months later, another PET scan showed the cancer was spreading aggressively in her lymph nodes. Holding onto hope was becoming harder.

“I simply had no options,” says Abigail. “I was just getting more scared and more frustrated, and would wake up with dreams, seeing like a movie screen—my funeral.”

Then, a couple months after getting that news, Abigail went to the Dominican Republic to visit a friend, a doctor, and take time to rest and seek God. Abigail remembers showing her friend the PET scan results.

“The look on her face when she read that last one, and I had never seen her look like that,” says Abigail. “That did rattle me. All I know to do is seek God with all my heart. That’s all I know to do.”

She would spend many hours that week in prayer, seeking God’s will. Late one night near the end of her visit...

“I got out there and I said, ‘God, I need to know, am I gonna die? What do you have to say about this?’” says Abigail. “It was just me and God. That is when I felt Jesus walk in, if you will. And I felt His presence. He said, ‘Abigail, I came to have a conversation with you. I came to actually go on a walk,’” says Abigail.

Abigail says she then saw a vision of herself with Jesus in Jerusalem. He walked her past the cross and into the tomb, where He lay down.

“And He said, ‘Watch this’ and He sat up. And He said, ‘Abigail, when I sat up, you sat up,’” says Abigail. “And then He walked to the entrance of the tomb, and I will never forget this as long as I live,” says Abigail. “He said, ‘When I walked out of the tomb, did I have cancer in my lungs?’ 'No, Jesus, you didn’t.' He said, ‘So do you have to have cancer in your lungs?’ 'No, Jesus, I don’t,'” responds Abigail. “And in that moment, I knew, I am cancer-free.”

A few weeks after she came home, Abigail faced yet another PET scan. She says that morning, Jesus spoke to her again.

“‘Good morning. This is the glory scan.’ And I went in that tube,” laughs Abigail. “You know I hate those things! And I just sang, not a fear-not-nothing.”

Later that day, a nurse called with the results...

“And she goes, ‘Abigail, I don’t really know what to say, but, uh, there’s nothing here. Like, there’s-there’s nothing here,’” says Abigail. “And I’m like, ‘I know! I know!’” 

At the follow-up appointment, her oncologist confirmed that Abigail was cancer-free.

“I don’t need my degree on my wall to see that this is a miracle,” states the oncologist.

That was 2017. And Abigail has been cancer-free ever since. To anyone who’s fighting a battle, her message is clear: keep your eyes on Jesus.

“He was trying to tell me, ‘This doesn’t have to do with you. I took care of sin at the cross. I took care of every disease. I took care of every sickness,’” says Abigail. “He is entirely the Healer. Entirely.”

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