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An Artist with a Heart for the Spiritual Realm

Melissa Reany


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Lisa Wright:
"I've been doing art literally since I was a little girl. My mom was an artist. She said, 'Every day God paints the sunrise in the sky in a sunset. And he paints every wing that’s on every butterfly and everything that's beautiful. That's because he's painting it. He's creating it.' 
For thirty years now I’ve been teaching art as well. The first thing we learn about God in the Bible and the Book of Genesis is in the beginning He created the heavens and the earth. And then the first thing we learn about ourselves is that we're made in His image. So that means we're also creative, made to create. 
The school that I went to as an art major. I discovered for the first time how dark the culture of art is. At that time thought, I don't want anything to do with art because of that. It didn't reflect the creator that I knew that created everything beautifully. But that's when the Lord said, 'I want for you to bring light into that darkness.'
The mandate that I believe that we have as Christian artists is to bring a redemptive voice. And it's recreating nature and creation and things that God has made to artistically express what God is saying. It was done in the Renaissance period, which was the Church's role to illustrate what the Word of God was saying in ways that the people didn't know because scriptures were read in Latin and nobody read Latin. It was the church that hired the artists to make the stained glass windows to illustrate the Bible or paint the pictures or do the Sistine Chapel as Michelangelo did. The role was to make the word of God known. That's been lost in our culture. 

We're in a new renaissance of Christian art, and the Bible needs to be illustrated. The expression of it can be through a music, it can be a sculpture, poetry and writing. 

Right before my dad passed away when he was in the hospital. It's giving goose bumps to think of it. It was the last thing he asked me to read to him about heaven in Revelation three, four and five that Jesus is standing at the door and knocking, asking to be let in. He goes through it and enters into the kingdom realm of heaven and sees the throne room. And as I read it, I looked over and his hands were up towards heaven and the tears coming on his face. And I knew he could see it. I knew he was prepared to go there. He's told me about it all his life. And then right after that he went to be with him, his beloved savior. 

Oh, my most vivid dream of heaven was right after my father died. I literally saw him with Jesus, with their arms around each other. My dad was just so joyful and peaceful, and I knew that he was there. Which is why when I paint, I like to paint things that are in in the supernatural, spiritual realm.

I've seen angels before, I've been painting angels. I want to see into that realm as much as I can but it starts I believe in that personal relationship with the Lord.  When we're Christians we know that Jesus comes and dwells within us. That's what I believe He was teaching on and John 15, 'To abide in me as I abide in you.' And the door is open, the door is open for us to come. It's not something that we should be unfamiliar with. Our part as artists is making it seen in such a way that it becomes more real to people.

I head up a prophetic art team that does art during our worship services to do just that. Like this is what God is saying right now. It might be corporate or it might be for an individual. When getting ready to go to our worship service at our church, the Lord showed me an angel which literally was holding its hand out like this. Originally it looked water, like it almost looked like a wave. Unbeknownst to me, there was a hurricane offshore that was going to bring serious damage into our area. So as a church, we literally were asking God to have mercy and not allow that hurricane to hit our area. And one person specifically came to the mic and said, 'I see God's angels holding their hands out like this and saying, no, you may not come into our area.' Later, a person walks up to me who had never even seen what we call prophetic art, and saw that image. And she was undone. It was something that God used to speak very personally to her. I believe prophecy is the greatest expression of the Father's love for His children, because it's just simply saying, I know you. 

He's given us the privilege to partner with Him, to bring the kingdom to earth. We are to be entrepreneurs in all areas, especially in the creative realms. He wants that for you, that your destiny in the kingdom, for your creativity to express itself in whatever ways that he wants it to be expressed so that his name is glorified on the earth."
Lisa's Bio:

Lisa is a professional Christian Artist and Art teacher. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Mount Holyoke College where she majored in Studio Art and French. She also studied Art and French at L’Ecole des Beaux Art in Paris her junior year. She currently leads the Big House Prophetic Art group that meets regularly to pray and prophecy over one another, as well as paint together during worship at the church. 

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