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Make a Heartfelt Difference While Saving on Taxes



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2 Tax-Wise Ways to Give that is a Win-Win: You can continue to change lives by giving to CBN and Operation Blessing while saving big on your taxes this year.

1. Donate Appreciated Stocks

Consider donating appreciated securities, including stocks and bonds

Potential Benefits

  • Take an immediate income tax deduction in the amount of the full fair market value
  • Eliminate capital gains taxes
  • Maximize support for the mission of CBN and Operation Blessing

2. IRA Charitable Rollover

  • If you are 70 ½ or older, you can give TAX-FREE through an IRA as a QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution).
  • Individuals can transfer up to $100,000 per year, per person, directly to qualified charities from a traditional IRA.
  • The transfer will be excluded from taxable income and may satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for the year.

There are many different ways to make tax-smart donations. Remember to make sure non-cash gifts are processed to arrive in time to count for this year.

Connect with our planned giving specialists to discover ways you can give a meaningful gift without straining your monthly budget.

For more information on tax-smart ways to give, contact:


Telephone: 800-333-2373

Tax ID: 54-0678752

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