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Are You Prepared for Disaster?

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“How could we have prepared for this?” Operation Blessing’s Disaster Relief team hears these words all too often after a disaster destroys a family home. Nobody knows when disaster will strike, so it’s important to be prepared with a disaster emergency kit. Does your family know what do to in case of disaster? How prepared are you? These fun questions are designed to spark a family conversation about your specific preparation plan. Here are some suggested talking points.

  • When will you stay? When is it time to leave? Decide as a family when you will evacuate during a storm. Make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s also a good idea to decide on a meeting place before you evacuate so nobody gets left behind!
  • Evacuation route? Where will you take shelter during an evacuation? Plan out the best route to get there and have options in case roads are blocked.
  • Contact information? Who will know where you are located in case of evacuation? Give a few different people your plan. Write down important phone numbers and make sure everyone has a hard copy, in case phone batteries run out.

Emergency Kit

Making an emergency kit can be a fun family activity. Grab some plastic storage containers and fill them with basic emergency items. When you’re done, seal the bins with duct tape and store them in a central location like the garage. Here are some general guidelines for packing an emergency kit.

  • Food & Water Pack shelf-stable foods like canned soup, dried fruit, and crackers. Make sure to include one gallon of water per person, per day. And don’t forget the pet food! It is recommended to pack at least 3 days’ worth of food and water for your family.
  • Essential Supplies Pack supplies in your kit. These include things like a flashlight with extra bulbs and batteries, a can opener, hygiene supplies, a change of clothes, diapers, a map, and more.
  • Important Documents Make photocopies of any and all identifying information for everyone in your family. School transcripts and medication lists should be included, as well as insurance information and contact phone numbers.

Remember, Operation Blessing is here for you. Our disaster relief teams are ready to spring into action whenever disaster strikes. Visit to learn more. You can also download our FREE Prepared Families Disaster Preparation Guide here!

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