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Multi-Platinum Rock Guitarist Finds Fulfillment as Child of God

Aaron M. Little


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Peter Klett used his guitar talent to climb to the top of the 90’s music scene with the band Candlebox. With a multi-platinum debut album and five top-ten hits, he was living his dream.

“I craved that thrill of playing the songs live and loud and it sounds good and there’s people there and the interaction from your guys and the people. It’s cool. It’s a really, really thrilling, exciting thing to do,” says Pete.

Although he came from a Christian home and even made a profession of faith as a young man, the trappings of the rock n’ roll lifestyle proved overpowering.

“Most of my career I was usually stoned or at least drinking, buzzed and pot was an integral part of my guitar,” says Pete.  

The 700 Club’s Andrew Knox recently sat down to talk with Pete about his faith journey.

“Were you emotionally ready for the success of Candlebox?”

“No, definitely not,” says Pete. “I mean, I was ready musically, and I mean I was ready to go, but I think definitely looking back I wasn’t prepared for the enormity of that success. I partied, drank, ended up getting drugs, late nights, things like that, normal rock star stuff.”
“Were there some real moments of desperation on the road?”

“Several moments where I would be up at 4 or 5 in the morning drinking and snorting lines of cocaine,” says Pete. “And I thought, ‘what am I doing here? Why am I doing this? I’m getting nothing out of this. I’m gonna be hungover the next day and probably just depressed.’ I finally woke up one morning and I didn’t remember what happened. I had fallen down the stairs. And I said, ‘that’s it. I just can’t do it. There’s no more. I have no more strength or energy to do this anymore.’  I knew that something needed to change.”

“Was God  a part of that process when you determined to get sober?”

“God ’s always been in the process of everything all the time. It’s just a matter of how much I listen or gave in and let him control the situation,” says Pete.

In the fall of 2001 Pete got sober and the rewards of a new life pursuing God have been far beyond his expectations.

“Nowdays I know, because I believe firmly that if I let go and let God, then I will have a happier life,” says Pete. “And I know that…because I finally did it. And I have seen the changes in my life and in myself. It’s just easier. I don’t worry as much because I know somehow, some way God will provide as long as I work hard and dedicate myself to doing the right thing.”  

A major part of Pete’s new life includes his two biggest fans, his wife Jessica and their daughter Averi.

“I met Jess on the road. We got married in 2009. She’s the love of my life,” says Pete. “Averi was born in March of 2013. And I think that there made a significant change in who I am and who she is as people for sure. The focus on God and raising her that way, relying on God when you’re just terrified about stuff has been a big deal. And I think Averi has helped push me in that direction.”

Today Pete is busy performing with two bands and has launched a solo career.  When he’s not playing guitar he enjoys producing and being behind the scenes in the music business. He is thankful for the transformative work God has done in his life and he is quick to encourage others to give God a chance.

“Just pray. Every day. ‘God reveal yourself to me.’ And eventually He will,” says Pete. “And at that point you can accept it. You can roll with it or not. But you’ll never know until you ask.”

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